Drug & Alcohol Consortium

We handle random pulls, and management of your consortium utilizing the largest network of testing facilities in the U.S.

No matter where your driver is, he can test and meet the time requirements using our service.

We provide all the proper documentation so that you not only meet today’s standards, but also the new standard coming January 2020

Know what is and isn’t required based on your operations by speaking with our trained staff before signing on with a consortium.

State Filings

There are four state filings that you will need if you travel through these states: New York, New Mexico, Kentucky, Oregon.

You also need to be aware that most states will require you to create your IFTA account and IRP account in person with proper proof of address and ownership.

Some states like Florida and Texas will require you to mail for your IFTA account to specific locations and this could escalate your timeline to operate by two to three weeks.

We are here to help guide you during your operation start-up to co-inside with your desired starting date.

CSA Score & Safety Management

It cannot be stated enough as to how important your CSA Score is to your company.

We have a highly trained staff to keep you up to date on what’s going on with your  CSA Score.

We also help to file a DataQ for erroneously filed violations

Need Questions Answered?

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Question pages. In them we answer questions about ELDs and DataQs for customers who may be confused about what they are and how they work.

We Ensure All Of Your Business Needs Are Met

Our Customers Come First

What started as a family owned business has turned into a staff of highly trained safety management consultants and administration staff with over 30 years experience in the trucking industry.

CTCS has strategically partnered with Trainers, CPA’s, Insurance Brokers, Factoring Experts, Fuel Card Providers, and other industry experts to provide you with a one stop experience through our network.

We answer the phones!!! And take time to answer your questions or help you through your issue.

The transportation industry can sometimes be confusing with all of the new regulations, different information even provided by DOT Agents in the field. We always take time for our clients as well as our possible clients.

We Promise You the Best

CTCS is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience in the industry. As such we have not only strategically partnered with top companies in the industry, we will provide you with a true 1 stop service for all of you transportation business needs.

Our goal is to ensure you do not get any bad or false information, do not spend money that does not need to be spent, and that your business is successful.

In 2019 at the Dallas Great American Trucking Show, the FMCSA reported that a very large percentage of MC Authorities filed did not succeed in being completed.

Let us give you the information before you step into the fray so that you can become one of the successful ones.